A Fool for a Client? Maybe Not . . .

I regularly advise my private clients, when confronted with a questionable “public records request,” to seek judicial guidance from the courts immediately. Florida law permits a private entity to seek this kind if guidance from the court, and also provides that if guidance is sought “swiftly” then the private entity will not be liable for attorney’s fees to the requesting party, even if records are ultimately ordered to be produced. It would thus be rather foolish of me to not follow my own advice . . . especially when confronted with a purported “public records request” that is not only legally dubious but which threatens the sanctity of my privileged communications with a private client.

HarrisonvBarfield-Complaint for Declaratory Relief


Some People Just Don’t Know When to Give Up . . .


I’m Guessing This Was Intended as Sarcasm . . .


How to Dispose of a Sunshine Case in 48 Hours . . .

I was recently retained by a citizen volunteer in Sarasota in connection with a sunshine law case brought by the Mogensen/Barfield traveling circus. My client had been named, along with another individual, as defendants based on the allegation they they were members of an ad hoc committee created by the City of Sarasota and which filled to notice its meeting. Suffice it to say that whether or not my client was a member of this committee, as opposed to a person providing staff support for the committee, was a highly disputed factual issue. The case had been pending for months. I filed a Notice of Appearance of Wednesday, October 10. On Friday, October 12, the plaintiffs served a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal With Prejudice. Case over, complete success. Read some background here. And see the dismissal here: Hoffman-Voluntary Dismissal

Announcing the Formation of Richard A. Harrison, P.A.

I’m pleased to announce the formation of Richard A. Harrison, P.A., located at 400 N. Ashley Drive, Suite 2600, Tampa FL 33602. You can reach me at 813-712-8757 or email me at rah@harrisonpa.com. Look for regular new items here starting soon.


Starting Anew . . .

As with many bloggers, it seems we’ve outgrown Blogger. So we’re starting anew with WordPress . . . and looking to pick up where we left off with insightful and entertaining (we hope) commentary on Florida’s Sunshine and Public Records laws.

We’ll need some time to figure out WordPress, so please bear with us.

For now, get caught up on all of the public records trouble being caused by the infamous Michael Barfield in the quaint little island city of Anna Maria. The best coverage is by our friend Bill Yanger at his Our Anna Maria  blog . . .

Obama’s Closed Meeting on Open Government???

In the “I can’t make this stuff up” department, the Obama administration, having previously pledged to be the most “transparent” administration in history, will be conducting a workshop for government agencies concerning their obligations under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The meeting is closed to the public.

The AP/Google News report is here.